Habersham County Airport

The Habersham County Airport is located approximately two miles west of Cornelia, just off Hwy. 441 Bypass on Airport Road. The public airport opened in 1969 and is manned from 8 a.m. until dusk each day.

The 5,500 foot paved runway, at 1,447 feet above sea level, is oriented northeast to southwest and is designated Runway 6/24. Runway 6 is oriented northeast and Runway 24 is oriented southwest.

There are approximately 65 aircrafts based on the field, including 54 single-engine airplanes, 10 multi-engine airplanes, and one helicopter. The airport averages about 60 operations a day with 60 percent of the business being local and about 40 percent being transient.

The facility is the gateway airport to the Georgia mountains with its central location in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is the closest airport to Helen, Ga., and is near the famous Big Red Apple in Cornelia.

The airport has Jet A and 100LL gasoline. Card readers are available so 100LL gasoline can be purchased outside of normal business hours. Jet A fuel is not self-service and can only be purchased during normal business hours.

The airport also offers flight training as well as aircaft maintenance and repairs.

Runway Facts (Runway 6-24)

  • 5,500 feet long, 100 feet wide
  • Load limit - single wheel 30,000 pounds MGTW
  • Asphalt is in good condition
  • Medium intensity runway edge lights