Report A Stray

Found a lost pet or stray animal? Here's how to help them find their way home.

First, check for identification

  • If there's an ID tag, contact the owner immediately.
  • If there is no ID tag, consider taking the animal to a local veterinary office to be scanned for a microchip.
  • Tell your community about the pet you've found. Post on your neighborhood Facebook page or your own Facebook Page.
  • Look at Craigslist, Petfinder and Nextdoor. Tell your family, friends, and neighbors. Post fliers around your neighborhood. Call your local animal control facility to see if a report filed matches the description of the animal in your care.

If you're unable to match the stray animal to any lost pet report, you may use this form to report a stray. You may aloso call the Habersham County Animal Shelter at 706-839-0195 and make arrangements to take an animal in.

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